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Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism and Genre

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I reviewed Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism, Genre (ed. Alison Peirse) for Ghoulish Media, a film entertainment network for genre film fans and scholars. 

Women Make Horror is the first major collection dedicated to horror cinema with all women authors. The collection provides rigorous criticism of horror cinema in terms of the genre’s production and reception and, at the same time, provides new interpretative angles which will intrigue fans, students, and scholars interested in future horror cinema.

The review is available to read on Ghoulish Media's website: Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism, Genre.

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Image  Credit: Cottonbro under the Pexels Licence

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I'm Christina Brennan, a writer and reviewer whose work has appeared in various places, including Little White Lies, Horror Homeroom, Horrified and Ghoulish Media. My first book will be on George Sluizer's film Spoorloos (translated from Dutch as The Vanishing) – a film that Stanley Kubrick called the most terrifying film he'd ever seen. The book will be coming out with Devil's Advocate series, the imprint of Liverpool University Press devoted to exploring cult and classic horror cinema. I've been a reviewer for the Salem Horror Film Festival, and I write reviews for academic journals, including Revenant and the Irish Gothic and Horror Journal. In the recent past, I did a PhD on North American post-apocalyptic and doomsday fiction.

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